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The Hand of God on Ezekiel

The Hand of God, Seek and Obey

The Holy Spirit, the Hand of God

Compelled by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit Speaks

People are Filled with the Holy Spirit

God Pours Out the Holy Spirit

Pastor Kevin Wilson (guest speaker)

Honor the Holy Spirit

The Weird Meter: Jesus Casts Out Demons


Jesus Spits!?

Pastor Kevin Wilson (guest speaker)

Jesus Wants You to Wake Up!

12 Dead Men

Jesus Weeps (Palm Sunday)

Abandon Yourself to God

Exceedingly Abundantly More

Jesus Gives Us His Glory (..what does that mean?)

A series on John 17

“So that…” - Why Jesus Does What He Does for Us

A series on John 17.

Jesus Prays, “Make Them Holy”

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